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Is there anything u can take to help with the pain in ur teeth beside not helping?

the dentist say it was my wisdom teeth that is causing the i told him to pull it out.which he did but my teeth still hurt.especially after i drink water

Is there anything u can take to help with the pain in ur teeth beside not helping?
Advil is exellent for toothache pain
Reply:Cloves.....really. It's an old wives remedy , but it works. Place whole cloves on your gums next to the affected area. It does relieve pain temporarily. Make sure you see a dentist soon. Your teeth and gums are not something you should ignore!
Reply:Usually 800mg of ibuprofen helps, but if you can't get a perscription take 3 Advil. Avoid extremly hot and cold beverages and brush your teeth with a paste such as Sensodine.

I feel for you, I'd rather have a butt whooping than a toothache.
Reply:These are pretty drastic, but...

rinse your mouth with rubbing alcohol or vodka or rum. Dont swallow the rubbing alcohol! Try to hold it in your mouth for as long as you can stand it.

Another drastic one is to rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, but again, DON'T SWALLOW IT!!! You'll also want to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after that one.
Reply:Return to that dentist, and let him suggest the next...

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My jaw clicks when i open wide and now I'm having pain on my teeth are they related? can a mouthguard help?

my jaw has been clicking for about 3 years now. I went to the dentist and it turns out it's because my jaw isn't aligned correctly so I got a $500 splint. I started wearing it and it made no difference because it was made incorrectly. so for about a year i ignored the pain and now its come back. I sometimes grind my teeth at night and I don't know if this is why i now have pain in both my teeth and my jaw. I was thinking of getting a mouthguard from the pharmacy, could this help.

My jaw clicks when i open wide and now I'm having pain on my teeth are they related? can a mouthguard help?
TMJ..Go to...
Reply:Clicking and pain in the jaw usually indicates TMJ Disfunction. Whomever made the splint needs to do it again if you paid for it. Try the mouth guard and make sure you care for the jaw by not chewing gum, hard things, go easy on chewy foods and massage it before going to bed at night. One bad thing is caffiene, it tenses up muscles, especially your jaw.

You may need to see an orthodontist to be evaluated.
Reply:You might have a TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) disorder. You might need a surgery.

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Massive pain in head, ears, teeth after running, bike riding, any type of hard exercise?

For as long as I can remember I've always gotten really bad headaches when I run, ride a bike, or swing dance (any really hard type of exercise). I can't even run to the end of my block without it happening. The pain goes from the back of my head, down through my ears, to my teeth. It hurts so bad I can't do anything but sit there until it goes away, I can't even open my mouth to talk because the air on my teeth causes even worse pain. The pain only last for about 5 to 10 minutes and then I'm fine. I've tried putting earplugs in while running, different breathing techniques, and just pushing through it, but nothing helped.

About 7 years ago I finally talked to my doctor about it and he sent me to a neurologist. After a year of tests, useless physical therapy, and constantly switching meds, I just gave up and decided to live with it. I'm thinking about seeing a doctor about it again, but am not sure if I want to deal with it. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

Massive pain in head, ears, teeth after running, bike riding, any type of hard exercise?
As a physical therapist myself, I experienced this and wondered if I was having cervical related headaches. I fortunately had the chance to have a nationally known PT (who is an expert in cervical headaches) examine me and I too, was found to not have my headaches related to any type of neck problem.

I'm sure you've had other problems ruled out such as high blood pressure, anneurysm, AVM, etc. by having your BP checked and have gone through an MRI and MRA. Once those have been cleared, I suggest you follow up regarding the possibility of "effort headaches." These are headaches caused by the very mechanisms you describe. The good news is, they are usually nothing serious and taking an anti-inflammatory before you exercise is usually enough.

There is some discrepancy between effort and exertion being caused by short, strenuous activity (such as lifting...often called a weight lifters headche) and is usually brief...while the other is caused primarily by cardiovascular activity and can happen within minutes or hours and last several hours. There is arugement as to which is an effort and which is an exertion headache...but I believe the approach to treatment is the same...1: make sure nothing else more sinister is going on and 2: anti-inflammatories prophylacitcally.

My physician decided to put me on a beta blocker (which is usually for high blood pressure). Even though I do not have high blood pressure, this seems to have been very effective for me. My headaches are greatly reduced.

I've also found that avoiding exercise in hot weather and avoiding exertion beyond 70% of my maximum heart rate is effective. (It's harder to get your heart rate up while on the beta blocker).

My headaches were primarily caused by swimming, running, etc...and were so severe I'd often vomit...I feel much better now.

Good luck.
Reply:Wow, I have never heard of that. Must be hard.
Reply:I am definitely voting chiropractor on this one!

This sounds exactly like a cervical misalignment! I have very similar issues and a trip (or two) to the chiro takes it all away!

Please please try a chiropractor. I am betting you will wonder why you waited so long! And be patient with your course of therapy -- natural alternatives such as chiropractic may take a little longer.


Wisdom teeth partially removed, Now getting pain in root canaled teeth?

My wisdom teeth was partially removed by cutting more than half and closed it by stiching. Doctor says, partial teeth left will not cause any problem-muscle will develop. Now I am getting lot of pain in the root canaled teeth. Why is the Pain?

Wisdom teeth partially removed, Now getting pain in root canaled teeth?
RC tooth cannot pain because it is completely dead. You may be suffering from Phantom pain. Check with the doctor.
Reply:Get back to the dentist right away, sounds infected and you may need antibiotics!
Reply:you need some percs and vics our nerve endings work in crazy ways man. sometimes its unexplained. for now take 800mg of ibuprof no more than 4 times in 24 hour period and get back to the dentist promptly for a more extensive follow up and dammit man ask questions ! how can they treat us properly without thoughtful and DETAILED information
Reply:If you are grinding your teeth as you sleep and putting a lot of pressure on the root ends, even though the nerves have been removed from the root canal, maybe it would hurt deep in the jaw. It could cause inflammation and pain.

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Is it normal or at least "heard of" to get pain / pressure in teeth months after wisdom tooth removal?


About 4 months ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed (the top 2). Only about 1 week ago, I started to get a decent amount of pressure in my pallate, upper jaw, and molars situated right in front of the extraction site. Maybe this co-incides with the onset of really cold weather, maybe not. But has anyone ever heard of something like this? I do grind my teeth at night (that will be taken care of) but could the resulting pressure (less pain, than an annoying ache and pressure) be due to this ?

Thank you,


Is it normal or at least "heard of" to get pain / pressure in teeth months after wisdom tooth removal?


Reply:i got my wisdom teeth taken out in june...during the summer i would get some pain around the areas and i went back to the dentist. he gave me a thing that looks like a shot that is used to rinse out all the crap that gets stuck in there. that's what was causing my pain, a bunch of food buildup that was in the extraction site. hope that helps!
Reply:yes,and it happens more in cold weather.
Reply:You have a pain syndrome. It's very common and it's called having "phantom pains". It is caused by having excess glucose. It is considered "real" pain and you should take something for it.


I have a pain in my gum, on the bottom right side, its like a long line of swolleness beneath my back 3 teeth?

i have a pain in my gum, on the bottom right side, its like a long line of swolleness beneath my back 3 teeth. It tends to go and re occur constnatly over a period of 3 weeks now. The pain is sharp and stings only when touched. also , i have no pain in my teeth whatsoever

I have a pain in my gum, on the bottom right side, its like a long line of swolleness beneath my back 3 teeth?
either wisdom tooth or abcess get it checked out
Reply:swish hydrogen peroxide over it several times a day
Reply:Could be an abscess you need to have that looked at immediately.

Why am I still in so much pain after wisdom teeth removal?

I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday and today is Sunday. I was taking Vicaden and Motrin but the Vicaden made me vomit A LOT so I called my dentist and he told me to stop taking Vicaden and take Tylenol instead so i did and that did not help at all. I went to the Urgent Care Center (on a Military Installation) and they prescribed me Percosat and more Motrin. When I took the Percosat at first it was such a relief but as it started to wear off and I took it for the second time I still feel some pain, not a lot, but I am still not comfortable. Could I maybe have dry socket or is the medicine just not strong enough?

Please no silly answers. Take into mind that I am in the Military and we don't have emergency dentist on call so I have to wait until a duty day to get seen. I have been in excruciating pain all weekend.

Why am I still in so much pain after wisdom teeth removal?
Percocet is about as strong a pain medicine as you'll be able to get... But as with all pain meds, you can't just take the meds once, and then take it again once you feel the pain returning.

The reason is that a certain percentage of the drug is broken down in your body each hour, and eventually the drug drops below the effective therapeutic level. Once that happens, the nerve conduction in the pain pathways re-activate and it may be harder for you to achieve total comfort. This may have happened to you.

The best thing would be to keep on taking the pain meds as prescribed by your doctor, as scheduled. Check the prescription - see if there's a range for the timing. Does it say something like "take every X to Y hrs as needed for pain'"? If so, then you might want to take it closer to X hours rather than Y - you want to keep the therapeutic levels in your body at all times.

That said, it may be possible that you have dry socket in one or more extraction sites. You should visit the dentist regardless for follow-up anyway.
Reply:When you remove a tooth, you create a hole in the jawbone the same size as the tooth you removed. Had you drilled a hole that size in your upper leg, you would not be surprised that it hurt like a wooley booger- would you? You are not going to be comfortable in that site for a while- but yes, you may have a dry socket if the pain is a dull ache in the jawbone itself, below where the tooth was originally. It will not feel like it is located in the gum. You have an Urgent Care Clinic, but there should still be a dentist on call for emergencies and if you return to the UCC the doctor on duty- or the tech for that matter- can call them in to see you. They can pack the site with iodoform guaze and send you off again feeling much better. If that is really just not the option for you, then the next thing is to drink water until your molars float. Let the liquid pool in the cheek pocket at the extraction site. That will get some fluid into the area to rehydrate things a little. Not perfect, but it can help. The Percocet and Mortin will help dull it some as well. If you like, you can also call the UCC and ask if they have a dentist on call to see you- the answer should be yes. They don't like to come in for cavities- but they do come in for post op problems. Not like they have much choice, really.
Reply:Getting your wisdom teeth taken out is a major surgery! You can't expect to have someone slice into your mouth and you feel find a few days later. Its take AT LEAST a week.

Everyone is different. Some people handle pain better than others. Me for example: I only took Motrin after when I got my wisdom teeth removed. I took meds for about 3 days and then I was fine. My stitches even fell out and bleeding and soreness stopped. I heal fast...

On the other hand.. my friend... it took her like 2 weeks to fully recover. Her face was swollen and she said she was in terrible pain.

The best thing to do is to put a hot pack on your mouth to sooth the pain... that worked for me.

Remember, just because you take some meds doesn't mean that you aren't going to feel any pain. You are going to feel SOME pain, but it should be small enough for you to be able to relax and get the rest you need.

Give it until next Sunday and if you still don't feel better.. go to the doctor again.
Reply:Sorry to tell you, but it can take a week to 10 days for some people to heal enough to do without pain medication. Everyone has a pain threshold, and if you're in pain, you're in pain. Having more than one extraction in a single visit can make pain worse, simply because the amount of surgical trauma is greater, and the number of sites quickly fatigue you, and cause tension in neck muscles, tongue, and cheek, as you try to breathe and speak.

Unfortunately, head and facial nerves have short, direct paths to the brain, and systemic medications like Tylenol and even codeine laced variants of Tylenol (T3) and synthetic opiates don't do much about dental pain, for many people.

Ice, or frozen peas, applied externally may help. Rinsing your mouth, if you're permitted, perhaps with a salt water solution may help.

But it is possible you're healing has gone awry, and you are experiencing a dry socket. If you can see a well developed brown clot in the extraction, that is usually not the case. But do make sick call first thing tomorrow, regardless of how you feel.

If you're in the first stages of an infection, you don't want that to get far along.
Reply:ok so heres what happened to me...

I got my wisdom teeth taken out on a tuesday and the swelling allmost was all the way down by thursday. Then friday, i got an infection and the swelling came back. I had to go back to the dentist to get it cleaned...then it healed normally and didnt hurt any more.

I think you might have an infection in your gums were the teeth used to be. Its been too long since you got them out for them to just be sore. Has the swelling gone away? if not then its probably an infection.

if you have any other questions dont hesitate to get back to me!

p.s. what branch of the military are you in? im going into the marines at the end of my school year.
Reply:I was in pain for at least a couple of weeks after my wisdoms were out. I could barely open my mouth even alittle bit. In fact, my jaw hurt (dentist said from being opened wide so long for the surgery and from the extraction) so badly that I remember losing wt. because I didn't want to open my mouth to eat. I was on Darvocet but Motrin 600 mg. worked best.
Reply:first of all, vomiting is bad for you because it dislodges the clots that are in charge of healing so the change to tylenol was good...keep taking the percosat and motrin at the smallest if it says "2-4 hours" take it every 2 hours...use moist heat compresses too

my daughter got hers extracted last tuesday and on saturday she ate some rice but that was the first day to eat anything "not soft" and then today she felt significantly better and drove back to college(a 3 hour drive)...she has taken advil and demoral and done the ice packs for 48 hours then moist heat compresses and she is well on the way to back to normal...and she has been taking only advil since friday afternoon...but you should see a dentist on next duty day to check for dry socket

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