Sunday, August 2, 2009

Odd pain, long after teeth removed..?

Alright, I'm 25, and have had all my teeth out, its been over a year I think now, and I've had my permenant(until I get implants anyway) dentures for a good while. they do need to be relined though, and its been longer than it should, but I'm not sure if that matters on this.

before I had my teeth out, the K9 teeth were relatively prominent, and sometimes if I pressed on them it would have a funny unpleasant feeling like... deep, next to the nose, sort of.

the last day or two I've noticed an odd pain in that vicinity again... but... only when I shake my head, or like the other night I bumped it on the headboard a little (not hard, this weird pain was more than the actual bump) and it felt sorta like an almost wiggle? its definitely not excruciating or anything, just... not very pleasant. and sorta disturbing.

(continuing in added, with something else thats possibly relevant)

Odd pain, long after teeth removed..?
It sounds like you may possibly have something such as a sinus infection, possibly in communication (e.g. via fistula) with your extraction site. Also possible that there is a communication into you mouth. As with all possible infections, you should have this examined by a dentist or oral surgeon as soon as possible. I would call their number; if they are unable to see you soon, they may prescribe antibiotics. But you should have it looked at. Take care.
Reply:ever hear of a phantom limb? Basically an amputee, %26lt;someone who has lost a arm or leg%26gt; might have pain from the MISSING limb. This is possible due to neurons that fire in the brain can not make fast adjustments. %26lt;fires together- wires together%26gt;

the nerve endings that housed your teeth remember pain that they once felt, an I believe you may be having "phantom pain" from the sockets were the nerve endings are trying to feel the bad tooth, expecting to feel pain, but when it don't --it simulates it with the brain-- which is already is hard wired to receive pain signals from that location.

when a amputee complains about phantom pain the solution they receive is to rub the nerve ending that are receiving the pain signal. however in your case, oral pain I believe that a hair dryer aimed at your open mouth would be the best solution for pain. That solution also works wonders on bad teeth, to alleviate the pain--temporally. but it does work.

wisdom teeth could cause this pain as well if you have not had them removed already they come in between the ages of 16-24 normally, and typically need to be removed.

if you feel congested, sinuses plugged, feeling, cant breathe Thu nose, then you may want to think about clearing that up, perhaps with a doctors assistance if infection is present.

my bets are on the phantom pain though.

good luck


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