Saturday, July 25, 2009

Will wisdom teeth pain come and go?

I had some pain for about two hours last night and took two advil. The pain was completely gone by this morning. It hurt by my ear and around my whole left back jaw.

Will wisdom teeth pain come and go?
The pain will be there one day and then gone the next and then come back again. It probably won't stop hurting entirely until your teeth are fully grown.
Reply:dont worry it will go away eventually. give it like a week at the most.
Reply:Depends. They can hurt while coming in but if you havent had them X-Rayed then there is a possibility that they'll hurt all the time..

Impacted wisdom teeth will always hurt and will need to be removed.

I would reccommend setting an appointment with your dentist.. Wisdom teeth arent cool to mess around with. The longer they stay in the harder and more painful they are to take out if they need it.

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